Monday, 7 April 2014


My targets in Year 10:

1. I want to be in left leg splits by 2013 summer or before.

2. I want to build my core strength up and also my strength in my arms and legs.

3. I WILL workout most days at home as well as in school and my dance school.

4. I will keep my course work for dance up to date and also in all my other subjects.

5. I will work on my dynamics and having diversity when I dance.

My targets (have i met my Year 10 targets):

1. I have met my 1st target as I am now in left leg splits but and still not comfortable so it's just me getting used to them.

2. I have built muscle in my legs and some in my core strength now it is for me to control and when to use now (under layer of muscle in my stomach).

3. I have been working out most days, but I haven't always kept up with it but I do always workout at my dance school.

4. I haven't kept on top of all my course work in all my subjects i have just recently become on top of all of it.

5. I have definitely worked hard on my different dynamics when i dance and learning different styles I wouldn't usually learn. 

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